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Used Electric Cars

The days of the G wiz electric type cars running around 35-40 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph have long fizzled out (excuse the pun !) The latest range of electric cars are the Nissan leaf , the Mitsubishi I-Miev and Citroens C zero are the first of a new range of useable electric cars.

We are looking to offer used ex demo & ex lease vehicles, at a reduced cost over new, with the remaining new car warranty.

Why Electric Cars Make Sense

- Free road tax, on street parking and London drivers of electric cars are Congestion charge exempt
- The range on a full charge is around 100 miles
- £1.80 to charge from your own electrical socket (based on a Nissan Leaf charged over night on cheap rate electricity)
- Free fuel (if charged through solar panels or a wind turbine !)
- Cheaper maintenance costs (there is just one moving part)
- Good for the environment (with solar panels or wind turbine it is effectively emission free)

Extra Range

Ecotricity and Nissan UK has at all the major Motorway service areas Rapid Chargers that will fully charge your EV in around 20/30 minutes , just time for a coffee, bite to eat , and a toilet stop !

Click the video below to watch a road trip in a Mark 1 japan built Nissan leaf, (the UK built 24kwh leaf has better range, and the 30kwh leaf and 40kwh Leaf even more , up to 160 miles between charges) and how the rapid chargers work.

Click here to see a map of vehicle charging points...

Free Fuel

We charge our Leaf by means of PV (solar photovoltaic) panels on our south facing roof.
The cost is around £6000 for the panels (in 2011), and we look at these as buying our fuel for the leaf 'up front' and storing it on our roof.

The average petrol engined car over 15,000 miles a year will spend around £3800 so in 30,000 miles the panels will have paid for them selves ...and then you in real terms have FREE fuel for you EV ....for the life of the panels ( at year 25 they expect to loose around 5% of their efficiency )

Get Your Electric Car

Welcome to the future of motoring. Emission free, noise free, stress free and very close to cost free ! We aim to provide sound advice and an EV of your choice. This changes regularly so if you don't see what you are looking for, please check again soon. To get more information, give us a call on 01856 751730 or contact us via our contact page.

Peugeot Partner
sold by eco cars
Peugeot Partner - £sold
Model: Van electric
Transmission: auto
Colour: white
Mileage: 2300
Registered: may 2017
Bought to order , this '17 plate 2300 mile van is as new ! Rapid charge to 80 % in around 25 minutes ,range around 75-80 miles , ideal for local runs around town. Zero road ta...
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Tesla Model S
sold by eco cars
Tesla Model S - £34,995
Model: Model S Electric 75
Transmission: auto
Colour: white
Mileage: 56,503
Registered: 2016 on a '66' plate
Well Specified Tesla Model S in Excellent Condition Owned by the Famous You Tubers James and Kate This 75 rear wheel drive (not the D as James says in the video !) is in Lei...
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electric cars for sale
Peugeot Partner EV
sold by eco cars
Peugeot Partner EV - £15,855 plus vat
Model: L1 SE electric
Transmission: auto
Colour: 4 white, 1 silver
Mileage: delivery miles
Registered: Jan 2019 '68' plates
What a great value 100% Electric vans ,choice of 6 ! Just delivery miles and ready for work with the ply lining too.Range is around 80 miles and it can be rapid charged in un...
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05/03/20 Can highly recommend. Having undertaken lengthy research and investigations, joined an EV social media group etc, I finally settled in to looking at Eco-Cars.net and was so very glad that I did so. The advice received from Jonathan from the outset was second to none. The whole process of buying my first EV was painless, with every detail being explained along the way. I cannot recommend Jonathan enough, not forgetting the team who picked up the vehicle and delivered it to me. Thank you to everyone involved for your time and assistance.
Mike B ,Dorset

used electric cars for sale
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