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Welcome to Eco Cars

Eco Cars JPorterfieldMy name is Jonathan Porterfield and together with my wife Ursula, we run eco cars from our home in Leicestershire. After working at various car dealerships over the years, I have built up a good relationship with many local and nationwide dealers who often contact me, as main dealers still look at electric vehicles and scratch their heads, not knowing what they have in front of them!

Working from home means we keep our costs low by not having a huge showroom. However you still have the same consumer rights as when purchasing a vehicle from a franchised dealer.

A Passion for Electric Cars since the 2010s

In 2011 we stopped working with LPG cars to focus exclusively on electric cars. We have been following the evolution of electric cars since the 2000s, so we know what to look for, what works and what doesn’t.

Infact the majority of our own cars are electric and thus we know first hand the joys that come from economical green motoring.

The Friendly Service We Are Known For

We are renowned for our friendly service, it’s why our customers use us again and again. But don’t take our word for if, here are just a few of the things our customers have said about us…

I bought my 2011 Nissan Leaf from Eco Cars about three months ago. The car was exactly as described in the brilliant YouTube video, so the long drive from Milton Keynes to the other side of Leicester for a viewing was not a wasted trip. In short, I was very wary about buying such a complicated and innovative vehicle from the second-hand market and, had the team from Eco Cars not been so wonderfully communicative and reassuring, I would still be doing my daily commute in a noisy polluting inefficient old diesel. I can highly recommend them.
-James Butson

I am completely delighted with the advice, both before and after sales, that Jonathan provides. He gives a very personal service, and is very nice to deal with. I bought from him a Citroën C-Zero in spotless condition at a good price, which he delivered right to my door. I am usually cautious about being too much in the vanguard, but in this case, I am still thrilled to have an all-electric car as it comes up to its first service, and find I look for excuses to drive it. I love its lack of pollution, silent operation and economy. So, full marks to Jonathan and Eco-cars! om economical green motoring.

The Sherlocks of the Electric Vehicle World

If we wouldn’t buy it for ourselves, we wouldn't sell it to others. We take every precaution to ensure our used electric cars are in the best condition possible. We perform HPi checks on all our electric vehicles, checks for insurance write offs, check if its stolen, or if there is any outstanding finance.

We road test every electric car we buy. They are then given a health check of the brakes and tyres. We check all the equipment is working correctly and that the batteries in the remote keys are functional.

We then check all levels such as brake and power steering fluids, and top up windscreen was bottle! All wiper blades are checked and changed if required.

These are just some of the checks we carry out. Don’t forget there is no oil, oil filters, air filters, clutch plates, gearbox, spark plugs, cambelts, water pumps, alternators or belts on an electric car.

See Your New Car From The Comfort Of Your Home

Were all  finding time is precious and spending hours and hours visiting vehicles can take the joy out of shopping for a used electric car of van ! Our honest videos help you see exactly what you are buying. I will always point out any marks, chips, scratches, or any imperfections on our used electric cars.

You then are still welcome to test drive before you buy, or after watching the video, talking to us on the phone and paying a deposit, we will deliver to your door where you can do the final check.

A Warranty You Can Trust

We have always said we must treat customers how we would expect to be treated. Although electric vehicles have an incredible lifespan, all vehicles will at some point fail (and lets be honest ..one day they will be recycled, crushed and hopefully turned into another car !)

If they do break within our warranty period, then our quick response is what you want to see. This is what we do, we want you to be happy that any issue that needs funding will be put right. When you look at our sticker in your car for years to come, we want you to have good thoughts about eco cars, not " I wish i'd gone elsewhere”.

Here For You

We are passionate about alternative fueled vehicles ..and we specialize in sourcing them at the lowest possible cost to you ..the customer.

Please feel free to talk to us anytime, no question is to silly, as after buying a house a vehicle purchace is one of the most expensive commitments you'll make. You need to be confident your buying the right vehicle and from the right dealer !

As petrol and diesel prices continue to rise and greenhouse gases increase, Electric Cars are the most realistic green solution today.

We believe you couldn't buy a used electric car from a better company than Eco Cars. If you can't see the car you're looking for on the website, give us a ring and we'll find it for you.

Buy with Confidence

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what people are saying

16/07/21 Eco-cars - good experience, and they fixed the problems caused by the auction house. Good service. Excellent - Jonathan & team sourced a car at a good price, and even more importantly, continued to support when problems arose (the car had a cracked windscreen which wasn't advertised by the auction house). All problems were sorted, and it was a pleasure to deal with Eco-cars
Phil D Scotland

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