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The Buying Process

We want to make the buying process as easy as possible for you. If you have seen a car you like, feel free to get in touch and ask any questions you like. There’s no such thing as a silly question.

There are two ways you can buy with Eco Cars. You can use our buy-to-order service where we find cars for you from trade auctions or you can buy vehicles listed for sale on our website. Most of these are private sales although we sometimes have cars in stock too.

When buying-to-order with Eco Cars, the customer has complete control over the vehicle we select. Our role is to offer advice through each step of the buying process, source a vehicle and, once you've given consent, facilitate the purchase and transport.

Buy-to Order process

Buying through Eco cars gives you access to second hand trade buying from auctions across the UK. So how does it work? We send you a short questionnaire to give us an idea of your needs, possible budget and the type of vehicles you may be considering. We use your questionnaire answers to do research on the auction sites of what is available on your brief and during the consulation call we will show you this and discuss in detail the type of vehicle that would best meet your needs and budget.

Following the consultation if you would like to proceed with our service then we request a search fee of £100 + VAT. Once we have this then we agree with you on the vehicle and maximum budget that we should use as your search brief. Our team will search mutliple auction sites every day. When we find vehicles that meet your brief, we'll send you the details to review and you can decide if you'd like us to bid on it.

If we win the vehicle for you at auction, then we will invoice you for the auction costs plus our sales fee that is only charged if we buy you a vehicle. This fee varies and is based on the CAP clean value of the vehicle, which is set by the auction house. The fee structure is:
£200 + VAT Sales fee – for vehicles up to £10,000 CAP clean
£300 + VAT Sales fee – for vehicles between £10,001 and up to £20,000 CAP clean
£400 + VAT Sales fee – for vehicles between £20,001 and up to £30,000 CAP clean
£500 + VAT Sales fee – for vehicles of £30,001 or more CAP clean

Once we secure a car at auction, we show you proof of purchase from the auction house and ask you to transfer within 24 hours the full amount shown on the Eco-cars.net invoice. This includes payment for the vehicle, the auction house fee and Eco-cars.net fee. We then have another 24 hours to pay the auction house for your vehicle. We only accept payment by bank transfer.

We can plan your transport for you or you can collect the vehicle yourself. We will register and tax the vehicle for you before it comes to you.

Buying through Eco cars gives you access to second hand trade buying from auctions, which is a trade sale, sold as seen, with no warranty given or implied.

Overall cost = hammer price of EV + auction fees + Ecocars fee + transport costs

Contact info@reflexorkney.co.uk to learn more and start the process.

Sales listed on our website

On the 'cars for sale' page on this website we list cars that are either cars we have in stock or cars that are private sales. For cars that are listed as an Eco Cars sale contact us in the office to find out more. For cars listed as a private sale the contact details of the seller are in the listing. You are buying the car directly from them.

How to Pay For Your New Electric Car

We take card payments for the search fee. For larger payments we accept payment via bank transfer and internet transfer from your bank. We do not offer finance.

The Complete Electric Vehicle Package

We also tax and re register the car in your name at DVLA before the vehicle comes to you.

What Now?

Have you seen a car you like? Call us now on 01856 480008 to get the ball rolling.

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19/05/22 They are a keeper! My son bought his first EV from Eco cars. It was easy, they took all the hard work out of it. They are experts in EV. Good pre-purchase advice. Great after sales care. I will use them again without hesitation. They have an excellent reputation in EV circles, with good reason. If they don't know the answer to an EV question - they know someone who does.
Julian P Leeds

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