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What People Are Saying About Buying Electric Cars from Eco Cars

17 December 2019

Kona Sold and 30KW leaf found for me great service. Not only did Jonathan find me a buyer for my Kona but he also found me a 30KW leaf which is a very nice car, exactly as described and excellent value. If you are looking for or even thinking of an EV give Jonathan a ring you will not regret it and you will be entirely safe in his hands.


17 December 2019

Very Knowledgeable and Professional Jonathan is very knowledgeable, fast, and professional. He is a great pleasure to talk with.

Vegan D

10 December 2019

Great service great car Thank you Jonathan for finding a great car to replace our aging Leaf which we bought from Eco Cars 7 years ago. Jonathan found us a 40kw 2018 Tenka which he delivered to our front door inside our budget. Excellent service definitely 5stars.


20 November 2019

Superb Service! It's an odd feeling sending a sizeable lump of money to a chap I've never met to buy a car I've never seen but it works because here on Orkney Jonathan is well thought of. Basically I wanted an Outlander PHEV, had done a lot of research and the like and had an upper figure in terms of budget. A couple of emails and a telephone call later my choice was refined and it was over to Jonathan. The same evening as our phone chat I got email from JP with a likely choice. I also received a condition report, photographs and JP's own opinion, so I gave him the green light. I now have a very smart PHEV gently charging on the drive. Jonathan brought the car round himself and my first drive was giving him a lift back to his home, which was a very useful drive with JP acting as tutor. Pre purchase he also arranged a meet with one of his customers so I could get some first hand feed back. JP was totally up front re his charges including delivery. No hesitation about recommending Eco-Cars.


19 November 2019

Off to grow some trees What can I say that hasn't already been covered by all the stellar reviews of Ecocars, It was so easy to purchase an EV from Jonathan, Tell him what you want. Jonathan sends you a list of cars he could buy on your behalf. pick one pay and then Alex drops it of with a Smile and an offer to show you how to get the most out of your new car. We purchased a Nissan Leaf 24Kwh for my short commute to work and it is great to get in a warm car in the early morning, and know that I no longer have to go and buy petrol. Jonathan Thank you again for your help


18 November 2019

No need for doubt, Eco-Cars will look after you! Let's face it: Buying a car is a real hassle - It's not so much about doing your research, finding what you want and then tracking one down, it's all the nonsense of car dealerships that gets my goat. Enter: Eco-Cars. Not only are you getting the same dealership-worthy vehicle, virtually directly from the manufacturer, but you're saving a fortune on whatever the salesman can rinse out of you. Jonathan finds a car to your liking, informs you how much it will cost him, adds his totally reasonable fee and delivery cost (£1 a mile on a flatbed) and bingo, you're sorted! It was admittedly a leap of faith for us to pay for the vehicle up front, but the cars are still under warranty and there's really little to go wrong in an EV anyway! Our Leaf arrived in good time, we were well-informed and updated by Alex the delivery man about when we would receive it and we ended up with a car we wanted at a much better price than the dealer! Definitely the future of buying cars - thank you!


07 November 2019

Very good Advice with helpful, professional service. Just bought my first ev with eco cars. Jonathan was fantastic. He came to my home, took me for a test drive in his demonstration car, talked me through the options, sourced a car to my specifications and budget and delivered it to my doorstep, all within a week. He was very professional and patient while he took me through the features and operation of the car, even taking me to the charging station to show me how that worked. I’m now the proud owner of a Nissan Leaf and love it. It’s a joy to drive. Thanks Jonathan.


25 October 2019

Brilliant service, Great service. Very Knowledgeable. Highly recommend.


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19/05/22 They are a keeper! My son bought his first EV from Eco cars. It was easy, they took all the hard work out of it. They are experts in EV. Good pre-purchase advice. Great after sales care. I will use them again without hesitation. They have an excellent reputation in EV circles, with good reason. If they don't know the answer to an EV question - they know someone who does.
Julian P Leeds

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