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Tesla Model S Review

September 17, 2015 - Activities

Tesla Model S review over 12 days and 2400 miles !

On the 1st September 2015 I was on a plane to Gatwick to collect the Tesla Model S  for a 12 day review test drive.

This had been in the making for a good six months and finally Tesla allocated me a P85 , thanks to Fleetdrive Electric who I work for on Orkney.

Tesla Model S


This car is amazing in all respects, the drive, the fit and finish, the acceleration all are astonishing for a ‘new’ car manufacturer !

The superchargers are Tesla’s ‘Rapid’ chargers and what I’m used to with the Nissan leaf is charging at 110 amps for around 20 minutes for a 80% charge.


Driving up to Aberdeen from Leicestershire was a total new experience


 Charging the Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Supercharging at Gretna Green services in Tesla Model S


The Tesla Supercharger network offers 330-400 amps ,and in around 40 minutes this ‘re fills ‘ the Model S.


Range ? 270-285 miles , more if driven carefully !

And Finally ….

Watch the video below for my thoughts !

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