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Renault Twizy Living on Orkney

June 29, 2015 - Electric Cars

Living with a Renault Twizy EV on Orkney

I’ve recently allowed my heart to rule my head ,and Ive bought a Renault Twizy now living with us here on Orkney !

Its a great EV and a smile is always not far away , especially from other drivers and pedestrians !


Renault Twizy on Orkney

I’ve have (Optional extra ) Scissor type doors, think Lamborghini and zip up windows (even more optional)

I have no radio or heater, but I do get to hear the bird song and people squealing in delight and pointing at me driving past them on Orkney.

And room for the ‘Mrs’ in the back ,yes it seats 2 people, even my long 6 foot 3  frame fits in the back !

Charging up

From ‘flat’ it takes 3 hours to fully charge via the 3 pin plug attached to the end of the blue cable attached and stowed away neatly in the front of the Twizy.

Ive bought an adapter ,so I can use public charge points when I’m out and about in Kirkwall or Stromness on Orkney

Twizy street charging

Twizy street charging in Kirwall Orkney

Vital stats on Living with the Twizy !

Range is around 50 miles, top speed 52 mph (feels like 100 mph !) and the tightest turning circle I’ve every experienced

As with all Renault EV’s you have to lease the batteries, so at £37.50 plus vat a month (£45.00) But I’m seeing this as a great form of advertising eco-cars.net on Orkney and at £45 is money well spent !

 Better than a moped !

twizy joy

Twizy with the Mrs in the back!

We see the Twizy as a 4 wheeled Moped with the added bonus of rain free driving and a permanent grin on your face.

Turn the ignition key ,wait for a ‘beep’  push the D button for Drive ,release the handbrake ,and away you go !

So if you see the ONLY Renault Twizy on Orkney , give me and Ursula a wave !

And were more than happy to let you have a ‘wee’ drive in our weee Twizy !





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