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Orkney Islands and Electric Vehicles (EV’s)

May 4, 2015 - Activities

The rise of EV’s (Electric Vehicles) on the Orkney Islands

With Orkney producing 103% of all electricity in 2014 from renewables, then we have an ideal place to use EV’s

Yes Orkney could not use all the electricity it made in 2014, electric cars will soak up this excess energy thus removing a number of fossil fueled vehicles from the islands.

Recent ‘on street’ EV chargers from OIC and Transport for Scotland  has made the switch from petrol or diesel vehicles even more compelling for business and private drivers alike.

Rapid chargers have recently been installed that will in 20 minutes re charge your electric car, so the thought that it takes 9 to 10 hours to recharge is well and truly in the past !

Many Orkney drivers have also installed wind turbines and solar PV panels ,that again often ‘fill’ their electric cars resulting in a very quick ‘pay back’ for the cost of the turbine.

In sept 2013 we had around 9 EV’s on Orkney, as of May 2015 that now stands at over 60 electric cars and vans.

We recently had a visit from Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf /Scrapheap challenge ) who wanted to visit after he’d read so much on Orkneys renewable ideas and the way these Islands can really prove to be a test bed for the rest of the UK ,and indeed the world to see whats possible with renewables and Electric Vehicles.

11169044_1610286759214165_2071432144_nOrkney EV show April 2015We had an all EV car show that was attended by 130 folk ,who enjoyed Roberts talk ‘So electric cars are rubbish ?’

He spoke about all the exciting progress of electric vehicles that hes seen in the last 4 years he’s owned a Nissan leaf.

His ‘You Tube’ Channel is very popular world wide ,and he’s made a whole program about his Orkney visit.

A clear bright future stretches out before Orkney ,with EV’s and renewable power

Eco Cars has now relocated to Orkney from Leicestershire to meet the demand for new and used EV’s

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