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Nissan Leaf Trip completed 649.7 miles

April 6, 2015 - Activities

EV Trip completed 649.7 miles in 15 hours


Yes I did it ! from Chelmsford in Essex in an all electric Nissan Leaf  to Aberdeen docks ready to arrive onto Orkney.

Never ran out of electrons , never needed a tow , just a little forward planning was all that was required  and I even got myself lost a few times, that’s how relaxed I was.

Watch the video for a blow by blow account of the highs and lows of this epic EV trip.


Chat and Charge ?


I had a number of #chatandcharge times when rapid charging on my route.

Meeting up with other EV owners rapid charging was great , I only had to wait once for them to finish charging and in 20 minutes i was plugged in.


At Kinross services Rapid charging

Overall cost to me ? in ‘fuel’ zero cost !  but around £30 in Costa coffee (other brands are available ! )


Would I do this again ? YES I would as we loved the challenge and the Rapid charge network is getting better every month.


Thanks to Ecotricity and Charge Your Car for the rapid charge network that means it is possible to drive from the south east of the UK to north east of Scotland.


Next challenge ?


Lands End to John O Groats, yes by the end of this summer this trip should be possible when certain parts of the Scottish road network has rapid chargers fitted.


So who’s with me for a EV Convoy ??


On route to Orkney from Aberdeen




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