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Mitsubishi phev outlander review

January 29, 2015 - Activities

Outlander road tripIMG_5969

This week Ive been driving the great Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

“What is that ?” PHEV stands for Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle.

This is the worlds first PHEV 4×4 and I’m very impressed with it.

It is powered by wind ,but more about that later !

So lets get started with my mitsubishi phev outlander review.

First it has a EV range of 30 miles , then the 2.0 petrol engine will power the wheels and also charge the battery if required. Like a Prius with the engine ‘on’ it cuts in and out as and when the power is needed ,seamlessly.


The road tax on 4×4 vehicles in the UK is around £460 a year on average , road tax for this outlander is , wait for it , ZERO !

London congestion charge exempt too.

I drove this from London to Orkney last week, and I rapid charged it once on route, this took 18 minutes , just time to drink a Costa coffee. coffee cost me £2.10 , the drink of electrons cost the outlander nothing !

I could have rapid charged more often but I had a rush northwards to get across the A9 before then snow fell. I did make it 1 hour before the road was shut to vehicles, when i drove over the highest point of the A9 the snow was firmly packed on the road ,so a push of the 4WD system locked it into 4×4 mode and it was so stable in this mode.

Is it good on fuel ?

My overall MPG was 39 but Ive seen 99mpg over 30-40 mile runs , ideal for everyday commute to school or work.

Cost to charge at home on an overnight tarriff ?  around £1.20

The video tour is now live on our web site too.IMG_5968

Here on orkney the outlander is perfect and yesterday i popped up to Hammers Hill Turbines in the outlander to take some pictures, as this is where 104% of Orkneys electricity came from (along with PV panels and tidal turbines) in 2014

Flappy Paddles !

One of the great features of this PHEV Outlander is the ‘flappy paddles’ just behind the sterring wheel. In most vehicles this is to change gear up and down , but with this being a CVT fully automatic gearbox this is not required.


What the paddles do is increase or decrease the ‘re gen’ braking effect of the car, from 1 -5 in re gen severeness you can use all that energy to re charge you battery ,and increase your battery range. Ive driven down a steep hill in ‘re gen-5’ mode for 2 miles ,and gained 5 miles in range !

I want one !

This outlander is for sale , its just 3 months old 1700 miles only , and ready to drive away, with the wind powering you !

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