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Electric Vehicle show

February 19, 2015 - Activities

Orkney Electric Vehicle show

We’re getting really excited here on the beautiful Islands of Orkney about an Electric vehicle show.

WHY ? I hear you ask !

Well on April the 17th 2015 we have EV advocate and all round nice guy Mr Robert Llewellyn visiting Orkney for an Orkney EV show.

 Mr Robert Llewellyn

Robert Llewellyn '14 ev car show Orkney

As part of his brilliant you tube channel ‘Fully Charged’ Robert is traveling up to Aberdeen from Oxford in a BMW i8 Hybrid & then thanks to support from Northlink ferries, he arrives on Orkney.

Robert’s had an Orkney visit on his ‘must do list’ for a while as he keeps reading of all the great renewable things happening on Orkney.

Friday morning we will showcase Orkney to Robert and capture for his program all the renewable developments that have resulted in 104% of all electricity in 2014 being from renewables.


Yes Orkney could not use all the electricity it made in 2014, electric cars will soak up this excess energy thus removing a number of fossil fueled vehicles from the islands

So Electric Cars are Rubbish ?

On the Friday evening he will be at the Pickaquoy centre to deliver his talk ‘So electric cars are rubbish’

Entry is FREE (something most Orcadians will warm too !) and taking centre stage will be the i8


EV Cars on show display

As well as the i8 we will have other cars on display such as the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi EVs for people to look at and sit in, and chat to owners as to what life is like on Orkney with an EV.


The BMW i8 Orkney car show

On the Saturday we will have a closed off section of the car park to offer test drives in an Electric Vehicle.

 All welcome

It promises to be a great event, so if you’re passing by (!!) or fancy a long weekend break ,then your more than welcome.

Spaces are limited so please let me know via e mail how many will be attending.

My address is sales@eco-cars.net






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