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What Eco-Cars have been up to

October 3, 2014 - Activities, New Electric Cars

Sales Of ev’s continues to rise. Eco cars is a business set up 10 years ago to specialize in eco friendly ,lpg and hybrid vehicles, and more recently 100% electric cars and vans. We now have more inquires for EV’s than any other vehicles.

Last Month with the help of Nissan and fleetdrive , we took a Nissan Leaf to the Orkney Islands for a week of free test drives. The response was amazing with 63 test drives in 6 days completed…and the Leaf was sold that week too to an Islander !

With Orkney producing more wind powered electricity than they can use , running an EV is really CO2 neutral…with a number of islanders having there own turbines ,they are looking at ‘Free’ fuel for there electric cars.

Sales to London too are up for us as people see the benefits of not only 2p a miles running costs , but zero Congestion Charge for an electric vehicle.

For more information ,or to ask for a free ,no catch demo ,in an electric car ,contact me Jonathan via our web site www.eco-cars.net

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