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A 444 mile EV road trip

March 27, 2015 - Activities

Planning a 444 mile EV road trip !


So the time has come folks for me to test out the rapid charging infrastructure in the UK with an EV road trip.

Inspired by Mr Robert Llewellyn who did London to Edinburgh in Jan 2014 in a Nissan Leaf, I’m ready for the challenge !

On Tuesday the 31st March I will set out from Leicester to deliver a Citroen C-zero to a London customer.

This is a distance of 98 miles , easy in an EV with just 1 rapid charge stop required to make it comfortably.

I then plan to then collect a Nissan Leaf from Chelmsford and return to Leicestershire, a total of 128 miles, again easy with 2 rapid charges along the M1 corridor.20150327_180234

The real test begins

After an overnight stay at my parents (Thanks Mum and Dad !) I set out on Wednesday the 1st April in a Nissan leaf for Aberdeen docks , a whopping 444 miles !

Am I mad , crazy , or just lost the plot ?

Its taken a little planning with Ecotricty’s network of Rapid chargers via their web site , and then when over the border into bonny Scotland, pick up on the ‘Charge your car’ network.

So with 2 RFID cards at the ready I’m all set.

I will be using Twitter to tweet my progress , and the hashtag #chatandcharge made famous by my friends @pluginadventure 3 lads who did a similar run in 2013.

No Joke, this EV road trip !

I will be using Glympse as well, a smart free app that give my GPS position in real time via a smart phone or a PC / laptop.

As the hashtag #chatandcharge suggests, I’d really like to meet anyone along my route to Aberdeen for a ‘chat’ whilst I ‘charge’ !

Just realized what day I’m traveling on , 1st April !

Its going to be fun !

Lets see what it shows about rapid charging today in the UK !

Till next time, keep plugging in !

Range anxiety ? Phah I laugh in its face !

Range Anxiety

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