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Robert Llewellyn visit to orkney

April 6, 2017 - Activities

May the 6th 2017



We are pleased to announce that on Saturday May the 6th 2017 Robert Llewellyn is visiting Orkney again !

Famous for Kryten on Red Dwarf and the host of channel 4’s Scrapheap challenge, hes making quite a name for himself as an EV advocate and people are taking notice.

He now has over 145,000 subscribers !

YouTube channel

If you haven’t seen his YouTube channel ‘Fully Charged’  I recommend you take a look.

Its full of eco friendly goodness, and covers yes Electric Vehicles but also much more like solar and wind power, and very interesting news of people who want to ‘do’ and ‘make things’ without using fossil fuels.

Were really excited to be having Robert visit again , he came 2 years ago and shot a brilliant YouTube program all about Orkney staring (well for around 30 seconds at the beginning ) yours truly !

This is a follow up program to show all the progress that’s been made on this Island !

On the 6th May we are looking at dozens of EV owners to make their way from all over the UK to join in the fun day .

In the evening we will have presentations and talks for various speakers about EV’s and V2G , and renwables generally.

Prizes, oh yes Prizes for those who’ve traveled the furthest in an EV to Orkney for this event.

On the Sunday were looking for as many EV’s to take part in a opening shot with Robert desperate to cross a main road on Orkney , but cant due to all the Electric cars passing in front and behind him !

So if you want to meet the man himself and be on the ‘silver screen’ then we look forward to welcoming you on the 6th May

Tickets are from here

Just £2 for adults and under 16s are free or £2.50 on the door (details of the location are on the ticket page)

Test drives all day in all EV’s including Tesla !

Roberts excited ! (and cameraman Mark )


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