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Our First EV sold to Shetland !

March 20, 2017 - Activities

Our first Electric Van sold to Shetland customer

Last week we collected and had delivered to Shetland a full electric Citroen Berlingo van

A few days later we received a lovely review from Tom Jenkinson.

Tom and his partner Sue run a home on renewable energy from their PV Panels and also they have polly tunnels to grow their own vegetables.


So taking the ‘plunge’ and getting an Electric van was the logical next step for them.

Check out this article about Tom and Sue here


Toms review of the service I offer is on our web site and also here below

19 March 2017

Jonathan is one in a million, I have never met a car salesman like him and I am still pinching myself how well me and my wife have been treated buying our Citroen Berlingo Full Electric Van. It’s not just his job but his passion. Jonathan saved us a fortune and the van is as new and has that new van smell something we only dreamed of owning. At first I was a bit weary handing over my savings to a total stranger . If you’re looking for a EV and you’re on a budget Jonathan will take you on a amazing journey and get you the best deal out there . He gave us a running commentary from collecting the van from Stranraer were the van had been delivered from Ireland where it was a Citroen Demonstrator and gave us a live Facebook commentary on how the van operated and a lesson in how the charge points work and even offered to lend us a chargepoint card till ours arrived ,have a look on youtube at Jonathans videos and subscribe.All our doubts and negative thoughts about EVs are all in the past we love the van feels like you’re on a magic carpet and so relaxing to drive. Jonathan dropped the van off to be shipped to us in Shetland we love it. Truly Amazing

Tom Jenkinson

Thanks Tom and I soon hope to travel to Shetland to meet you both soon !

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