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NO CO2 ! Orkney electric vehicles

December 1, 2015 - Activities

No co2 Orkney electric vehicles

No co2 Orkney electric vehicles ! On Saturday the 28th November 21 EV owners met to spell out no CO2 on Orkney at Hatston peir to send a message out to the world about what is happening now on Orkney.

We had owners of Nissan Leaf ,eNV200, Renault Zoe (and our twizy !) kangoo van , Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV ,Toyota Prius PHEV, Citroen C zero, and a G wiz !

With the Paris conference on climate change in full swing ,we sent a message about what were doing right now on Orkney.

With 104% of all electric produced from Wind and Tidal turbines, and solar energy from PV panels we fuel our cars and vans from 100% green electricity.

We have seen a huge increase in interest in EV’s specifically in the wake of the VW #dieselgate news !

We used a cherry picker crane to send the go pro camera up to record the vehicles arriving at 12 noon on Orkney

Cherry picker in use on Orkney to film the Electric Vehicles

Cherry picker in use on Orkney to film the Electric Vehicles










Watch the video to see what we spelt out !


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