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Citroen C-Zero electric

Another C zero , London Congestion Charge exempt ,we fill in all the forms for you ,and deliver to y...
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Nissan Leaf electric

Here we have another great Nissan Leaf. This is a private sale on behalf of one of our customers who...
buy now for £18500
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Renault Kangoo Electric van

Renaults ZE kangoo van , side door, a/c, remote locking ,and just had full service by renault. Great...
buy now for £7850+vat
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Mitsubushi I-Miev

Is this not GREAT value ? 100% electric car. London CC exempt ...guaranteed. Pence to run , and pr...
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07/03/14 "It's now approaching 2,000 miles of trouble-free motoring in our C-Zero, bought a few months back through (the very nice man) Jonathan from Eco-Cars. What a difference a battery makes! From the silence at start-up, to the smooth acceleration, surprisingly comfortable motorway cruising, easy handling and even easier parking, this car is a revolution. Charge it up overnight, and enjoy your driving experience all over again in the morning. So now you can actually hear your radio without any road or engine noise. You can keep up with swift city traffic, or indeed breeze past others on the motorway and they will barely hear you go by. As for 'range anxiety', it all depends on how far you need to go. Most of our journey's are well within a round trip of what we've found a typical charge will cover, about 70 miles. If you're relaxed and light on the pedals, you might get a whole lot more, but if it's cold, late at night with the lights on, air-con running and heating on the whole time, then be realistic and expect about half this, so plan ahead. Whatever you use your C-Zero for, it's a pleasure to drive, and if you prefer a similar stress free experience when buying one, then I would certainly recommend Jonathan. Polite, knowledgeable and genuinely passionate about these and other cars like them. We liked ours so much, we decided to get another one!"
- Bruno (Kent)

lpg cars for sale
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it pays to be green with an eco car...

Start smiling when you drive PAST the Petrol filling station in your electric car as you have filled up at home ! & enjoy saving the planet with a smaller carbon footprint. It really does pay to be green...

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