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Nissan Leaf Electric

The Nissan leaf. Over 130,000 made since 2011 worldwide. Very reliable and great fun to drive. This ...
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Peugeot Ion Electric

Another Peugeot I-on in a great colour 'killi Blue'. Great condition and with it being a April 2012...
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Renault Kangoo Electric van

Renaults ZE kangoo van , side door, a/c, remote locking ,and just had full service by renault. Great...
buy now for £7850+vat
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Tesla Model S

The future is here NOW ....This Tesla Model S 85Kwh has 300 mile range on a single charge ..0-60 is ...
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15/09/14 " Eco-cars is a small business based in the Orkney Isles. They sell second hand electric cars at affordable prices and will deliver to anywhere in the UK. These cars are popular in Orkney because of the abundance of free electricity from renewable sources like wind turbines. The owner Jonathan Porterfield provides excellent customer service including a well resourced website. In my dealings with him I found him refreshingly honest. He lets you know what you are paying for including the amount of commission he is taking.My wife and I both very impressed with the car and it's a pleasure to drive. I wish his business well for the future."
- Mark F ,Orkney

lpg cars for sale
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it pays to be green with an eco car...

Start smiling when you drive PAST the Petrol filling station in your electric car as you have filled up at home ! & enjoy saving the planet with a smaller carbon footprint. It really does pay to be green...

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